【Industry Trends】Stainless steel will be widely use in the field of environmental protection a


Stainless steel will be widely use in the field of environmental protection architecture.

After a market test, stainless steel being widely accepted and used in various fields with its excellent properties, elegant appearance, completely recyclable and stable structure.


Stainless steel is a kind of environmental protection material with high-quality, elegant appearance.

And steady growth in use , in China's stainless steel consumption structure, its application has been reached more than 30% in the building decoration and public project.

Environmental policy:

For example, stainless steel curtain wall. In April this year the MOHURD and State Administration of Work Safety Department issued a notification, glass walls is prohibit using on second floor & above building of new residential, government office, hospitals emergency & ward building , schools, nurseries, kindergartens, and for the aging building, etc. This policy provides greater space for stainless steel curtain wall market.

Regular materials:

304/304L: most popular material, stable quality ;

316L: better corrosion resistance, mostly use in coastal area buildings;

400 series: with strong resistance to hight emperature & oxidation, Mainly used for building roofs

Application field:

Building structure

Building roof

Moving house

Station facilities



Windows & walls



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